Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Port Elizabeth

This is a contagious and fatal viral disease and most birds diagnosed are under two years old. The virus is spread in the droppings and feather dust of infected birds.

Signs of beak and feather disease:
The acute form affects very young birds. Affected birds will be depressed, have regurgitation and diarrhoea, loss of appetite and weight loss, abnormal feather development and will die rapidly. The chronic form affects older birds. Affected birds will have loss of feather dust and powder, abnormal feather development, abnormal growth and deformities of the beak, secondary infections and will die after months or even years.

There is no specific treatment for beak and feather disease and very few birds recover. Ideally, birds should be bought from premises which are disease free and hands should be washed well after handling other people's birds.

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