Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Port Elizabeth

Signs of ear disease:

scratching of the ears
shaking of the head
discharge in the ears
redness or swelling of the ear flap
sore ears

Causes of ear disease:

infections - bacteria and/or yeast
parasites - ear mites
allergies - food or environmental
foreign body in the ear - grass awn
ear environment - excess moisture in floppy eared breeds, for example Spaniels

Our vets at Southern Cross will look down into your pet's ear canal, check for damage to the ear drum, foreign bodies, or tumours, and an ear swab will be taken. A smear of this ear swab will be examined under the microscope by our vets to establish whether there is any bacteria or yeast. In order to prevent ear disease check your pet's ears on a weekly basis. Routine cleaning may be necessary if your dog swims a lot, has floppy ears, or has had ear problems in the past.

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