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Signs of gastroenteritis:

vomiting and diarrhoea which continues for more than a few days or gets worse
blood in the vomit or stool

The occasional bout of vomiting or diarrhoea which lasts only for a day or two is quite common in dogs due to their indiscriminate eating habits.

Causes of gastroenteritis:

dietary indiscretion - eating inappropriate food/material
infectious agents - bacterial, viral, parasitic
obstruction/blockage - foreign body
drugs and toxins
dietary intolerance
organ problems - kidney or liver disease
abdominal problems - pancreatitis, peritonitis, pyometra (infection of uterus)
inflammatory bowel disease

Treatment is initially symptomatic. This involves nothing to eat or drink for several hours with gradual introduction of water followed by a bland diet. Our vets may prescribe medications which stop the vomiting and others which coat the digestive tract. Fluid therapy may be needed if your dog is dehydrated. Our vets may also take blood, urine, faeces and x-rays, especially if your dog is not responding to the initial treatment.
Xray of foreign body - golf balls
Xray of foreign body - stones
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