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Chronic kidney failure is a very common problem in older cats though all breeds of any age can be affected. Persians and Abyssinians are more susceptible. The waste products of food digestion are normally carried in the blood to the kidneys to be filtered and excreted as urine. When the kidneys fail, the waste products are no longer removed and toxins build up in the blood. When 70-75% of kidney function is lost, your cat will start to show signs of chronic kidney failure.

Signs of kidney failure:

increased thirst and urine production
decreased appetite
weight loss
lack of energy and increased sleeping
bad breath
sore mouth
vomiting and diarrhoea

There is no cure for kidney failure but early detection can slow the progression of the disease. Our vets may send blood and urine to the lab for analysis. If your cat is dehydrated, hospitalisation and fluid therapy may be necessary. Our vets may prescribe some medication and our vets will advise a kidney diet. Provide free access to fresh water at all times.
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