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Housetraining your new puppy requires time and patience. Most puppies should eliminate within an hour after eating. Take your puppy outside to eliminate after eating, drinking, sleeping or playing. Teach your puppy where you want him to eliminate by selecting an area and praising your puppy after he eliminates in the proper area. Offering your puppy a treat after he finishes eliminating helps to reinforce the correct behaviour.

You will need to constantly supervise your puppy to prevent accidents indoors and your puppy requires frequent outdoor toilet breaks to be housetrained successfully. When you are not able to supervise your puppy, you can confine him to a small, safe area (crate or a small room). Place treats and toys in this area to help him feel more comfortable. Always take your puppy outside to eliminate before confining. For more information, visit Crate Training.

If you catch your puppy eliminating indoors, you should correct him with a mild, startling distraction (clapping, shaking keys) and immediately take your puppy outside to finish eliminating. Correcting your puppy more than 30 seconds after elimination indoors will be ineffective as your puppy will not understand why he is being punished. If your correction is too harsh, you will teach your puppy to eliminate out of your sight. Do not rub your puppy's nose in his urine or faeces as it will teach your puppy to be afraid of you.

Some puppies urinate when they greet people out of excitement or nervousness. Do not greet your puppy until he settles down. Scolding will only make the situation worse.

Clean up any accidents with a product which removes the odour so that your puppy does not go back to the same area. We have several products available at Southern Cross. It may also be a good idea to shut doors, move furniture or use baby gates to block off the area.

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