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Chronic Medication Repeat Prescriptions

Medications are dispensed for a maximum of 30 days.

When you come in for a repeat, we can ask how your pet is doing and the answers can be recorded in the clinical notes.

If there is any concern regarding your petís health, then it is advisable to bring your pet for re-evaluation as soon as possible.

Repeats can be given for 6 months total, with a mandatory consultation every 6 months. This is to ensure that your pet's health has not changed and to adjust doses or change medication if necessary.

With certain medications such as anti-inflammatories and epileptic medication a regular blood test at least every 6 months is advised.

Please phone in your once a month chronic medication order 1-2 days before needed so our vets can dispense and get it ready for collection. You can do this for up to 6 months before a consultation is required. Call 041 3734243 for assistance.

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Repeat Prescriptions
Chronic Medication Repeat Prescriptions