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Mozart's Story

My beloved Dachshund “Mozart” is six and a half years old. He loved to jump up on my bed in the early morning to wake me. One morning he was suddenly unable to do this and when I picked him up he cried out in pain. Two days later he was totally paralysed in his hind legs and unable to walk at all. He was hospitalised for a week and then I brought him home where Mozart was confined to a pen with limited space so as to restrict his movement.

Under instructions from my vet, Dr Alma Kerr, I began to apply hot bottles to his spinal area three times a day, together with back massages and assisted back leg movement. I continued to do this for about eight weeks.

Slowly but surely Mozart began to be able to stand on his back legs with my assistance and then he started to balance and stand on his own. Throughout this time he was eating well and all his bodily functions were good.

Mozart then started physical rehabilitation sessions at Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic which included acupuncture, core strengthening work on a gym ball and, very recently, short periods of walking on a treadmill.

He is now doing fine and although not able to run a mile in 5 minutes he is happy and able to walk again with a wagging tail and a look of much appreciation in his eyes for all that both I and Alma have done for him.

Kind regards
Michael Simmons and Mozart Simmons

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Mozart's core strenthening
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