Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Port Elizabeth
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.     Anatole France
"We've had so many happy years
What is to come can hold no fears
You would not want for me to suffer so
When the time comes, please let me go"

"I know in time that you will see
It is a kindness you do to me
Although my tail its last has waved
From pain and suffering I've been saved"
You can remember me and only that I am gone
Or you can cherish my memory and let it live on
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what I would want most - smile, open your eyes, love and go on
Jeffery Benade
12 June 2019

Princess Wall
10 June 2019

Charl-Leith Nixon
10 June 2019

Sushi Ashington
10 June 2019

Cassie Myburgh
9 June 2019

Zac Lloyd
9 June 2019

Maxi Beveridge
8 June 2019

Gizmo Moorcroft
5 June 2019

Loki Horne
4 June 2019

Bambi Booysen
3 June 2019

Hector Branch
3 June 2019

Solanti Mey
3 June 2019

Minky Slattery
1 June 2019
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Zoe Ruppelt
27 June 2019

Kitty Le Roux
25 June 2019

Buster Williams
25 June 2019

Ice Sequiera
23 June 2019

Odey Coetzer
21 June 2019

Trompie Slabbert
21 June 2019

Lily Jones
20 June 2019

Miu Miu Barclay
19 June 2019

Champ Stander
19 June 2019

Dozi Nel
16 June 2019

Rusty Castigliani
16 June 2019

Chloe Lee
14 June 2019

Maddie Grant
13 June 2019

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There was something I had never told him, that no one ever had. I wanted him to hear it before he went. "Marley", I said, "you are a great dog".        John Grogan, Marley & Me
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Tiger Smith 15th February 2019

Tiger Smith 15th February 2019